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“If you had Canada’s top eye surgeon, Dr. Raymond Stein, cornered for 10 minutes, what would you ask him?”

Wednesday, September 8th, 2010

Post City Magazines- Raymond Stein MD

DR. RAYMOND STEIN is a pioneer in the development of laser eye surgery, having more than 20 years of experience and having performed more than 80,000 surgeries. In addition to his work at Bochner Eye Institute, Dr. Stein is also chief of ophthalmology at the Scarborough Hospital in Toronto and a cornea consultant at Mount Sinai Hospital.

My kid loves to read in the dark. Is that bad for her eyes?

Is that the same for sitting too close to the TV?

What about carrots?

What about e-readers and iPads?

When should children get their first eye checkup?

What are the risks of laser eye surgery?

Why do eyes twitch? I get that a lot.