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80th Anniversary of Bochner Eye Institute

Tuesday, September 8th, 2009

My grandfather Dr. Maxwell Bochner founded the Bochner Eye Institute in 1929. In 2009, we celebrate with pride our 80th anniversary as one of the oldest private eyecare facilities in North America. Our goal has always been to provide the best possible care delivered in a kind and compassionate way. In the modern era of high technology we feel it is especially important to carry on the tradition of Dr. Bochner of caring for the individual patient.

Dr. Bochner was one of the first trained ophthalmologists in Canada. He became the Chief of Staff of two major hospitals, Mount Sinai Hospital and Scarborough General Hospital. He had a very busy practice with complex referrals from all over Canada. Practicing prior to the Canadian Health Act, if patients could not afford a consultation or treatment, he provided this free of charge. He never turned a patient down because of the inability to pay. Dr. Bochner was known for his diagnostic skills and his kind and gentle manner.

If Dr. Bochner were alive today he would be proud of the continued tradition of excellence in patient care and innovation. The surgeons of the Institute have published over 35 textbooks to educate ophthalmologists, optometrists, family doctors and patients about a variety of eye disorders and treatments. The surgeons have also received prestigious awards from International and local organizations to recognize their leading accomplishments. I am proud of our history and look forward to the continued tradition of innovation and excellence in patient care.

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